I learned to crochet on the marble steps of a neighbor in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 8.  My passion for the art did not come until I was forced to go on bed rest due to heart failure.  I begin to make what I liked, from swimsuits, to shirts, to dresses, and anything that I felt.  I create with my imagination and let my heart lead me. I can create and follow patterns. 

 I love textures, so my yarns go from bamboo, to ribbon but, I always choose comfort.  A knitting blind friend of mine, Debbie, taught me how she picks out yarns. I place the yarn in the nap of my neck and if it feels good, then I’ll buy all of the colors. If it is hard or rough, it will remain on the shelf.  I use quality yarns because, I only give someone what I would give to myself. I am an eternal crochet artist, who creates pieces that are custom made and express my love.  It is my meditation, and my calming tool.

Why do I crochet?  Because I love it and I do it well. It is a gift from God that I will not neglect.  I was given a treasure and I will use it to bless others.

God Bless you,





*Everything is custom and designed made to order. Allow 18-20 business days for your competed order.

Swimsuits Starting at $120 (depending on size, yarn, and style)
Baby Sweater/Hat Combo Starting at $60 (add booties are $25)
Adult Hat/Scarf Combo Starting at $45 (infinity scarfs included s/m/l)
 Starting at $80 (depending on yarn)
Baby Blankets
 Starting at $50

Bridal Custom Birdcage/Veil/Garter Belts/Money Bag and Lingerie Embellishments Made To Order Upon Requests
Shawls/Tanks/Dresses Made To Order Upon Requests

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